Sermon Recordings

1Ps. Allan FongA Disciple's View on Marriage and Love20/10/2019
2Rev. Kim KiyoungDisciples' View on Trials13/10/2019
3Rev. Wong Yook ChinDisciples' View on Work06/10/2019
4Rev. Wong Yook ChinExample of Believers29/09/2019
5Ps. Chua Lip KaiDisciples' View on Money22/09/2019
6Ps. Allan FongDisciple's Worldview15/09/2019
7Rev. Kim KiyoungThe Disciple's Image08/09/2019
8Rev. Wong Yook ChinDisciple's Value01/09/2019
9Ps. Chua Lip KaiBiblical view on Tithing25/08/2019
10Rev. Kim KiyoungThe Mystery of Reborn18/08/2019
11Rev. Wong Yook ChinConnect with the world11/08/2019
12Ps. Allan FongConnection with Church04/08/2019
13汤广强牧师Connection with Family28/07/2019
14Rev. Kim KiyoungConnection with God21/07/2019
16Ps. Allan FongHe Came, He Saw, He Conquered07/07/2019
17Rev.Wong Yook Chin赞美的人生07/07/2019
18Rev. Wong Yook ChinThe Turning of Faith02/06/2019
19Rev. Kim KiyoungThe Pursuit of Unity09/06/2019
20汤广强牧师Manage It Well!26/05/2019
21Rev.Wong Yook ChinRoad to Salvation30/06/2019
22汤广强牧师Who loves Him (the Lord) more?23/06/2019
23Joshua NaiduConnected to the Vine23/06/2019
24Ps. Allan Fong从主祷文中看作父亲的要点16/06/2019
25Rev. Kim KiyoungMother's Requests12/05/2019
27Rev. Wong Yook ChinInvitation of Faith05/05/2019
28汤广强牧师Conquer them!28/04/2019
29Ps. Allan Fong“我名叫拉撒路”21/04/2019
30Rev. Wong Yook ChinUnworthy Faith?19/04/2019
31Rev. Kim KiyoungThe Blood of the Cross and Me14/04/2019
32Ps. Wong Yook ChinA Tested Faith07/04/2019
33Rev. Wong Yook ChinTruthful Living31/03/2019
34汤广强牧师Glorify God24/03/2019
35Ps. Allan FongGrowing Up Spiritually17/03/2019
36Rev. Kim KiyoungVictory Over Temptations10/03/2019
37黄玉清传道Seeking the True Treasure03/03/2019
38汤广强牧师Learn First To Serve24/02/2019
39房坤伦传道Your Words Matter17/02/2019
40Rev. Kim KiyoungVictorious Life In Christ10/02/2019
42汤广强牧师God's Abundance and Man's Lack27/01/2019
43Ps. Allan FongGod’s Design For Building Godly Communities20/01/2019
44Rev. Kim KiyoungTime To Harvest13/01/2019
45Ps. Wong Yook ChinRenewed and Changed06/01/2019
46Rev. Kim Kiyoung兴旺福音30/12/2018
47Rev. Wong Yook ChinGood News of Geart Joy23/12/2018