Sermon Recordings

1Ps. Allan FongThe Message that Shook the City10/10/2021
2Rev. Wong Yook ChinSet Apart For His Work03/10/2021
3Ps. Zhang Yue Ning活出有福的见证26/09/2021
4Ps. Allan FongThe Blueprint For a Growing and Vibrant Church19/09/2021
5Rev. Wong Yook ChinWalking in His Steps12/09/2021
6Ps. Chua Lip KaiGospel in Motion in the life of Cornelius and Peter05/09/2021
7Rev. Johan ThongGod Grants Peace29/08/2021
8Rev. Wong Yook ChinGospel – God’s Power to Save22/08/2021
9Chua Lip KaiAdventure with the Holy Spirit15/08/2021
10Chua Lip KaiThe First False Convert08/08/2021
11Rev. Wong Yook ChinA Message to Die For01/08/2021
12Rev. Wong Yook ChinFrom Complaint to Conversion25/07/2021
13Ps. Chua Lip KaiGospel in Motion – On Trial Again18/07/2021
14Ps. Allan FongThe Holiness of God11/07/2021
15Rev. Wong YCPass It On04/07/2021
16Rev. Wong Yook Chin Gospel - Testimony of New Life27/06/2021
17Ps. Allan FongLove is the Key to Life20/06/2021
18Ps. Chua Lip KaiGospel in Motion – The First Collision13/06/2021
19Ps. Chua Lip KaiIf You Are The One30/05/2021
20Sis. Zhang YueningRenewal Through the Gospel23/05/2021
21Ps. Allan FongThe Infilling of the Holy Spirit16/05/2021
22Ps. Chua Lip Kai整装待发 — 预备自己、预备领袖09/05/2021
23Rev. Wong Yook ChinGospel In Motion02/05/2021
24汤广强牧师教会生活 – 服事25/04/2021
25Allan FongChurch’s Life – The Importance of Cell Group18/04/2021
26Rev. Thong我属教会 – 健康成长的教会28/03/2021
27Rev. YCChurch’s Life – Worship Service11/04/2021
28Ps. Chua Lip KaiThe Truth04/04/2021
29Rev. Wong Yook ChinGood Friday - Don't Weep For Me02/04/2021
30Ps. Allan FongThe Importance of Church21/03/2021
31Ps. Chua Lip Kai I Belong To Church – My Spiritual Home14/03/2021
32Rev. Wong Yook ChinI Belong to the Church – A Connected Life07/03/2021
33Rev. Thong Mark Of Disciple – Build up in Love28/02/2021
34Ps. Allan FongHope of Eternity – The Decisions You Make Today Will Decide Your Eternity Tomorrow21/02/2021
35Rev. Wong Yook ChinBe Fruitful and Multiply07/02/2021
36Ps. Chua Lip KaiFaith14/02/2021
37Rev. Wong Yook ChinThe Mark of Disciple – A Transformed Life31/01/2021
38Rev. Thong Kwong KiongMark of Discipleship - The New Path24/01/2021
39Ps. Allan FongMarks of Disciple - A New Kind of Food17/01/2021
40Ps. Chua Lip KaiMark of Discipleship — Who’s The Boss?10/01/2021
41Rev. Wong Yook ChinThe Mark of Disciple (1) – Abide in His Word03/01/2021
42Rev. ThongThe New Life – From the Inside Out27/12/2020
43Ps. Allan FongA NEW KING20/12/2020
44Ps. Chua Lip KaiA New Joy13/12/2020
45黄玉清牧师A New Hope06/12/2020
46刘欣牧师How to Accompany The Grieved?29/11/2020
47Rev. Thong Kwong KiongWhen Your World Falls Apart22/11/2020
48Ps. Allan FongRaising the Dead15/11/2020
49Ps. Chua Lip KaiBread Talk08/11/2020
50Rev. Wong Yook ChinEncounter with Jesus01/11/2020
51Rev. Thong Kwong KiongThe Only Way25/10/2020
52Pastor Allan Fong God in Flesh and Blood18/10/2020
53Pastor Chua Lip KaiMan vs God... God wins!11/10/2020
54Rev. Wong Yook ChinStarting Over04/10/2020
55汤广强牧师The Fall27/09/2020
56Pastor Allan FongThe Blueprint of God’s Creation20/09/2020
57Rev. Wong Yook ChinA New Path13/09/2020
58Pastor Chua Lip KaiHow it All Began06/09/2020
59Sis. Zhang LiNot Your Average Dream30/08/2020
60汤广强牧师When the Enemy Roars23/08/2020
61Pastor Allan FongThe Writing On The Wall16/08/2020
62Pastor Chua Lip KaiBow or Burn09/08/2020
63Rev. Wong Yook ChinAgainst The Tide02/08/2020
64汤广强牧师What Comes First?26/07/2020
65Pastor Allan FongHe Makes All Things Right19/07/2020
66Pastor Chua Lip KaiWhile You Are Young12/07/2020
67Rev. Wong Yook ChinReturn and Live05/07/2020
68汤广强牧师Stand firm in the Lord28/06/2020
69Pastor Allan FongTrue Righteousness21/06/2020
70Pastor Chua Lip KaiUnity through Humility14/06/2020
71Rev. Wong Yook ChinThe Jesus-Focused Life07/06/2020
72汤广强牧师Love and Respect Parents31/05/2020
73Pastor Allan FongWhat if24/05/2020
74Pastor Chua Lip Kai Contagious Disease of Anger17/05/2020
75Sis. Zhang LiA Mother Unimagined10/05/2020
76Rev. Wong Yook ChinGlimpse of Eternity03/05/2020
77Rev. Wong Yook Chin等候中的盼望 – 再来的主26/04/2020
78Pastor Allan FongJesus, the Fulfillment of God’s Word19/04/2020
79Pastor Chua Lip KaiBehind Locked Door...12/04/2020
80Pastor Allan FongTwo Trees and The Cross10/04/2020
81Rev. Kim KiyoungFulfilling God's Will05/04/2020
82Pastor YCAnchor of Hope29/03/2020
83Ps. Chua Lip Kai安检三问22/03/2020
84Ps. Allan FongThe Speaking Part of Faith08/03/2020
85Rev. Wong Yook ChinBlibical View on Plague01/03/2020
86Ps. Chua Lip KaiPanic23/02/2020
87Rev. Kim Kiyoung如何面对灾难16/02/2020
88Ps. Allan Fong透过耶稣的眼睛去看09/02/2020
89Rev. Wong Yook ChinWonderful Knowledge02/02/2020
90Rev. Kim KiyoungThe Way of Blessing26/01/2020
92Ps. Allan Fong信心的榜样12/01/2020
93Rev. Wong Yook ChinUnfeigned Faith05/01/2020
94Rev. Wong Yook ChinCome Away With Me29/12/2019
95Rev. Kim Kiyoung向世界活出爱22/12/2019
96汤广强牧师The Gospel of Healing15/12/2019
97Ps. Allan FongThe Gospel of Salvation08/12/2019
98Rev. William Soh道成肉身的新生命01/12/2019
99Ps. AllanA Disciple’s View of the New Man in Christ24/11/2019
100Ps. Allan FongA Disciple's View of the New Man in Christ24/11/2019
101汤广强牧师Disciples' View on Leadership17/11/2019
102Rev. Kim KiyoungDisciples' View on Mission10/11/2019
103Rev. Wong Yook ChinDisciples' View on Service03/11/2019
104汤广强牧师Disciples' Views on Family27/10/2019
105Ps. Allan FongA Disciple's View on Marriage and Love20/10/2019
106Rev. Kim KiyoungDisciples' View on Trials13/10/2019
107Rev. Wong Yook ChinDisciples' View on Work06/10/2019
108Rev. Wong Yook ChinExample of Believers29/09/2019
109Ps. Chua Lip KaiDisciples' View on Money22/09/2019
110Ps. Allan FongDisciple's Worldview15/09/2019
111Rev. Kim KiyoungThe Disciple's Image08/09/2019
112Rev. Wong Yook ChinDisciple's Value01/09/2019
113Ps. Chua Lip KaiBiblical view on Tithing25/08/2019
114Rev. Kim KiyoungThe Mystery of Reborn18/08/2019
115Rev. Wong Yook ChinConnect with the world11/08/2019
116Ps. Allan FongConnection with Church04/08/2019
117汤广强牧师Connection with Family28/07/2019
118Rev. Kim KiyoungConnection with God21/07/2019
120Ps. AllanHe Came, He Saw, He Conquered07/07/2019
121Rev.Wong Yook Chin赞美的人生07/07/2019
122Rev. Wong Yook ChinThe Turning of Faith02/06/2019
123Rev. Kim KiyoungThe Pursuit of Unity09/06/2019
124汤广强牧师Manage It Well!26/05/2019
125Rev.Wong Yook ChinRoad to Salvation30/06/2019
126汤广强牧师Who loves Him (the Lord) more?23/06/2019
127Joshua N.Connected to the Vine23/06/2019
128Ps. Allan Fong从主祷文中看作父亲的要点16/06/2019
129Rev. Kim KiyoungMother's Requests12/05/2019
131Rev. Wong Yook ChinInvitation of Faith05/05/2019
132汤广强牧师Conquer them!28/04/2019
133Ps. Allan Fong“我名叫拉撒路”21/04/2019
134Rev. Wong Yook ChinUnworthy Faith?19/04/2019
135Rev. Kim KiyoungThe Blood of the Cross and Me14/04/2019
136Ps. Wong Yook ChinA Tested Faith07/04/2019
137Rev. Wong Yook ChinTruthful Living31/03/2019
138汤广强牧师Glorify God24/03/2019
139Ps. Allan FongGrowing Up Spiritually17/03/2019
140Rev. Kim KiyoungVictory Over Temptations10/03/2019
141黄玉清传道Seeking the True Treasure03/03/2019
142汤广强牧师Learn First To Serve24/02/2019
143房坤伦传道Your Words Matter17/02/2019
144Rev. Kim KiyoungVictorious Life In Christ10/02/2019
146汤广强牧师God's Abundance and Man's Lack27/01/2019
147Ps. Allan FongGod’s Design For Building Godly Communities20/01/2019
148Rev. Kim KiyoungTime To Harvest13/01/2019
149Ps. Wong Yook ChinRenewed and Changed06/01/2019
150Rev. Kim Kiyoung兴旺福音30/12/2018
151Rev. Wong Yook ChinGood News of Geart Joy23/12/2018