Our History


1974 - 1979 Beginning Phase

1975Established a Chinese service under mother-church: Holy Grace, with 20 people.
1979Service timing was changed from 3.30pm to 12pm; congregation strength rose to 50.

1980 - 1984 Initial Growth Phase

1984The Leadership Board of Holy Grace gave both English and Chinese services the autonomy in their administration and finance matters.
With the support of Pastor Jennifer Yeo, Rev William Soh officially took over the pastoring of the Chinese congregation.
In Dec 1984, the number of members increased to a hundred.

1985 - 1990 Autonomy & Self-Sustenance(一)Strengthen & Expand

1985The Leadership Board decided on our vision and mission: To spread the gospel to the grassroots.
1986“The Samaritan Service”, the first grassroots service in Singapore, was started.
1990On 1 June, we rented the Presbyterian Centre and established the Agape Counselling and Training Centre – Drug Rehab Department

1996年9月14日 Moved out of Holy Grace Church as an independent church called Agape Christian Centre


1996 - 1999 Unity in building new home

1996The Government announced that our drug rehab centre at old Tampines will be reclaimed
1997On 1 January, decided through General Assembly to purchase 3 conservation shophouses at Lor 11, Geylang, as the Church’s property
1998On 1 August, Agape Christian Centre was established officially



2000 - 2004 Hearing the Word and Equipping

2000Confirmation of Agape’s long term vision: ‘Mobilizing our believing kin in evangelism outreach to the unreached people group.’
2001Progressed various church ministries through different teams; developed the ‘God’s Kingdom Fellowship’ and the Businessmen Fellowship
Youths began serving in the Children Ministry
2002“Dedication of Church” ceremony was held on 2 October
2003Pastors and Elders attended the G12 cellgroup conference in Surakarta, Indonesia
2004Officially kickstarted the G12 cellgroup model
Began a weekly morning prayer meeting every Saturday
Confirmed using Isaiah 49:6 as Agape’s vision verse


2005 - 2009 Applying the Word and Testifying

2005Agape’s Children and Youth Services migrated to Geylang Lor 21
2006Teachings followed the “Cleansing Stream” series and also on  strengthened training eg: 戏说人生 etc
Officially sent 144 committed disciples during our 10th anniversary celebrations
The Counselling Centre ceased providing the Student Daycare services
2007Started the China Migrant Workers Service; Children and Youth Worship services returned to Lor 11;  installed a new wheelchair lift on our premises; held a family camp themed ‘Focused Living’
Began Inner Healing Ministry
2008Focused on teaching and encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ to become influential christians
2009Collaborated with several other chinese churches to kickstart the youth-based outreach movement: “One Love Awakening”

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